Episode 241: Productivity Hacks To Help You Create A Thriving Work Environment
Break Free Of Time Wasting Patterns And Get Productive

Written by Lori Kennedy

September 13, 2021

Talking about productivity just fuels my soul. 

We hear often from our clients that prior to the 10K Success System, they were on the verge of burnt out from trying to build their businesses alone. 

They were working their asses off, yet they were not moving the needle. 

All of the effort that was going in, was not being directed into the tasks that would propel them forward in business. 

We see a lottttt of time wasted on things like websites, logos, and branding, and little effort being spent on setting up structure and obtaining clients.

Productivity is everything – and productivity comes with clarity. 

Chris Bello, host of the EMP podcast , joins us on the show today to talk about how you can hone in your big thoughts and ideas, and create a productivity plan that will help move the needle. 

More About Chris Bello: Chris Bello is a college graduate that quit his corporate job 3 years in. He wanted to take hold of the reigns of life and write his own story.

After struggling with one side-hustle after another, he went all in on residential real estate, where he has quickly caught momentum. Chris is also the host of the top-rated business podcast, the Entrepreneur Motivation Podcast, where he documents his journey and interviews incredible guests.

Chris’ motto is “Less dreaming, more doing.” Connect with Chris by visiting chrisbello.com.

You can reach out to Chris on his Instagram !

 What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Quitting The Corporate Life
  • Online Platform Model 
  • Trading Service For Results 
  • Stop Spreading Yourself Thin
  • Creating Space
  • Build With Intention

 Things We Mention In This Episode:

Listen to Episode 241 below:

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