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From Failure And Quitting To Compassion and Success: The Long Game In Entrepreneurship
From Failure And Quitting To Compassion and Success: The Long Game In Entrepreneurship

Join us in this episode as Khush and I delve into the crucial aspects of playing the long game and building resilience when embarking on a business venture. We’ll also explore the impactful role of storytelling, and how sharing our own experiences can inspire and assist others on their journeys.

Khush is going to blow your mind with her revolutionary online program for endometriosis, and we’ll delve into the fascinating transformation of her business from a simple practice to a holistic powerhouse. We’ll wrap up the episode by stressing the significance of making decisions that align with your vision, purpose, and core values to ensure long-term success.


(17:57) – Lessons Learned: The Importance of Structure, Boundaries, and Consistent Effort 

(20:16) – The Power of Stories: How Sharing Your Journey Can Help Others

(23:13) – Introducing Endo Reset: A Groundbreaking Online Program for Endometriosis

(32:45) – The Evolution of Endo Reset: From a Practice to a Holistic Transformation Business

(37:51) – Playing the Long Game : Making Decisions Based on Vision, Purpose, and Core Values


Khush is not only a wise and compassionate woman, but she’s also a badass mom of 3 who’s all about health and human connection. She’s the founder of EndoNutrition, an online practice that’s totally changing the game when it comes to endometriosis. Khush’s holistic approach is helping millions of women break free from the struggles of endo and live their best lives. Talk about inspiring!

Discover a whole new way to approach endometriosis and achieve holistic wellness! The endo workshop at go.khushsra.com/endo-workshop is the perfect place to start. Explore her unique approach to treating endo as a whole-body disease and learn how she can help you break free from the struggles of endo.

Are you ready to join the endometriosis revolution and discover a new path to holistic health? Follow Khush on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/EndoNutrition/ for all the latest tips, tricks, and inspiration you need to take control of your endo journey.  Don’t miss out – click that follow button and join the community today!

We are proudly donating $25 to Sick Kids Hospital of Toronto on Khush’s behalf. If you would like to know more about this cause and want to support the organization, please visit:  https://www.sickkids.ca/en/support-sickkids/donate/


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