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6 Ways To Fill Your Free Masterclass Or Workshop

Offering a free masterclass or workshop is one of the fastest ways to grow your client base and email list. However, getting people to show up for your free masterclass is a whole other story.

If you’ve ever offered a free masterclass or workshop, then you already know how challenging it is to get good attendance. Try implementing these six tactics to fill your free masterclass and get more clients.

1. Call prospects and current clients

Yes, pick up the phone and call prospects and current clients to let them know what you have coming up. Creating a real connection will improve the chances that they show up. Emails are great, but being able to chat with someone and concisely explain the reason WHY they should attend is a surefire way to get them to commit. Talking on the phone also opens up the lines of communication and quickly builds trust.

2. Create an online registration form

You should have a quick and easy way for people to register for the masterclass versus just having the event details. It’s important to have follow-up processes prior to the event to spark curiosity and interest in the registrants. Having an online registration form allows you to capture emails and provide event reminders leading up to the masterclass.

3. Add a bonus

Give people another reason to attend your seminar other than your great information. People like free gifts. Offering a bonus only to people who attend motivates people to show up to claim their prize. Ensure that the bonus gift feels valuable to the target market you are trying to attract.

4. Network and hustle

Attend networking events and promote your upcoming masterclass. Instead of handing out a business card, invite new networking friends to your event. Give them copies of your flyers to hand out to their clients and customers on your behalf.

5. Live confirmation

This is where the email registration form comes in handy. In addition to the name and email fields, ask for phone numbers so you can call or text attendees and confirm their attendance 24 hours before the masterclass. This also gives you an opportunity to build rapport with future clients.

6. Bring a guest option

After your prospect completes the registration process, offer the option for them to bring a guest. Extend the bonus offer to the guest. Be explicit about who the attendee should bring and provide exact instructions on how they can register their guest.

Now Add Some Business To Your Passion by taking action and implementing as many of the six tips mentioned above. Putting up a flyer and hoping people attend is NOT going to fill your masterclass and get you more clients. Map out your masterclass attraction strategy so you have a concrete plan of action.

Comment below with what you’re going to do first.

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