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5 Ways To Have A Laptop Lifestyle With Kids

I have a very common “mom” problem. My frustration builds day in and day out as I scroll through Facebook. I browse pictures of entrepreneurs living their laptop lives with a sense of yearning as they post updates of themselves traveling freely across the globe. “Why isn’t that me,” I question as each kid pulls me in a different direction.

I’d love to pick up and relocate my life at a moment’s notice. Their Facebook posts leave me feeling unfulfilled as if they have Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket! Then I begrudge my mortgage, car leases, and all of my kids’ extra-circular activities- such as swimming, dance, and hockey lessons. Then there are the birthday parties and all the rest of the responsibilities that come along with being a parent of school-aged children. Then one day it hit me…. “Why ISN’T that me!”

Is being a lifestyle entrepreneur, or living the laptop-only life, only about freedom of location? Well ya, that’s a big part of it! But these lifestyles are also about the mindset that anyone and everyone truly is in charge of their own destiny and routine. We shouldn’t have to worry about why anything can’t be ours because we should be too busy claiming what we want! Kids aren’t the reason that stands between me and success. Kids were the excuse I used to shortchange myself because I was afraid of my own strength.

Don’t be like the me of yesterday! Kids, time issues, mortgages, boyfriends, girlfriends–whatever it is that is tying you to not reaching your lifestyle dreams is only an excuse. YOU-–and only you–can take charge of your own destiny. You can have the laptop lifestyle (or whatever you envision) if you stop thinking practically and start taking charge.

For me, the freedom of time was what I needed to create a lifestyle that felt like my own personal laptop luxury living environment. If you feel daring enough to go out and conquer the world on your terms–and you should–try the following 5 steps to get you started. I promise you will soon realize kids and obligations were not holding you back… the old you was, and this will help you appreciate the new, bolder you so much more!

Let’s get right into it;

1. Plan an overnight trip somewhere within driving distance (max. 3 hours away) every 8 weeks. There are so many small towns and places to see within driving distance from my house. Going away for an overnight trip with the kids allowed me to get out of the house and it gave me a nice reprieve from the usual routine! Remember, baby steps to a new you are required and this is the first step!

2. Schedule two consecutive days off during the week once a month to take day trips with no kids. That’s right- no kids. I can’t tell you how many relationships I have seen fail because the kids were used as an excuse not to communicate with one another. Don’t let this be you! And remember- if you don’t schedule this, it will not happen. Put these days on your calendar.

3. Take a weeklong holiday during non-popular travel seasons. We had a deal with a travel agent. She advised us of the cheapest times to vacation to different areas that we wanted to travel to. Therefore, we would do things like take a trip to Mexico 10 days before the Christmas holidays, which saved us about $3,500. Yep, the laptop lifestyle with kids is pretty awesome when you’re saving money.

4. Plan extended travel during the summer- especially if you have little ones! Since my kids get about an 8-week summer vacation, we spend the rest of the year planning for a long-term travel experience. Instead of spending money on summer camp and season passes to the nearest adventure park, we utilize that money to help pay for our 6-week travel plan. I get the kids involved in planning our summer trip by showing them YouTube videos of the different places we can choose to visit, which helps them leave their school friends behind for an extended amount of time!

5. Change your mindset. This is the most difficult path to finding and creating the life you want. Once I made the shift from “I’ve got kids, I’m stuck at home” to “Yes, I will” I realized that there isn’t anything to it but to do it! Action instead of excuses is the only thing that separates successful people from ordinary folks.

We all have the unique ability to create our own lives and experiences when we choose to.  This year, give yourself permission to choose to.

I’d love to hear where you’re going. Comment below and let me know where you’re going for your day trip with the kids, your two-day trip without the kids, or your extended travel with the family!

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