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Conversations That Lead To A Deeper Connection And Better Conversions
Conversations That Lead To A Deeper Connection And Better Conversions
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Do you still feel salesy when you talk about your business? In this episode, we talk about sales. If you are someone who has been struggling to close clients and get people to hop on a sales call with you, then you will love this episode. We uncover how to best qualify a prospect, use sales scripts, and how to deal with prospects when they ghost you after the sales call.

I have Tea with me, a member of my advisor team, and she does a phenomenal job, not only in training other members of my team but also in chatting with prospective clients. We’re gonna have a pretty strategic conversation about sell by chat, about Messenger, about the DMs, this sort of elusive way of bringing clients in using chat.


(4:00) – The mindset you need in order to not feel salesy 

(9:30) – How to properly use scripts in your conversations

(12:40) – Qualifying questions you need to ask when chatting with a prospect 

(30:35) – What to do when a prospect ghosted you


Téa Gavran is a high-ticket sales expert and mentor who knows the framework of creating effective conversations that positively impact your sales. Téa has helped businesses generate millions by leading with value, vision, and inspiration.

Donation: Empower Orphans – https://www.empowerorphans.org/

Email: tea@thewbh.com

Social Media Links: IG – @teagavran_rd


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