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How to Deal with Business Jealousy and Comparison Syndrome

Does this thought ever run through your mind…

“Sometimes, it feels like everyone else is 1,000 steps ahead.”

It does for me.  Even after running a successful business I love for many years, I still get caught in comparison syndrome from time to time.

It’s normal to feel this way. Being jealous or comparing yourself to someone else in your industry is nothing to be ashamed of and certainly doesn’t make you a bad or unspiritual person.

How do you turn yucky feelings of jealousy into motivation?

Let’s “flip the script”.

First, ask yourself these two questions:

  1. What specifically are you jealous of?

You will find that your jealousy is centered around specific aspects of the person’s business and life… so what are they?

  1. What areas/things in the other person’s business are you comparing yourself against?

Is their logo better than yours? Have they been in more magazines? Do they have more Facebook followers? Their content is amazing and yours sucks?

Once you can pinpoint the triggers of these feelings you can start to flip the script and view them in a different way… in a positive way that should motivate you to take action.

First, make a written or mental list of everything you’ve accomplished in the past couple of months. We often forget how far we’ve come and tend to focus on how far we still have to go. Celebrate those WINS. They are the milestones in your entrepreneurial journey.

Realize the yucky feelings are actually good!

They are showing you specific areas in your business and life where you are NOT playing full out or areas you need to work on and strengthen.

Their success is triggering feelings of jealousy and longing because you too want to shine just as you are meant to, and for whatever reason, you are playing small.

Instead of seething with envy, energetically thank them for lighting a fire under your butt to get moving. Thank them for demonstrating through their own success that the type of success you desire is possible. If it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you too.

Catch yourself being negative and bad talking. Think about all of the people who’ve worked hard to pave the way for you in your industry. If they weren’t successful before, you likely wouldn’t have a platform to play on today.

“There is ALWAYS room at the top.” Daniel Webster.

Lastly, offer up virtual and energetic high five’s to those people who are doing good things in their businesses. Support and cheer for them as you would want others to support and cheer for you.

So the next time you catch yourself thinking,

“I want that.” “I can do that better.” “It’s not fair, I’m working so hard too.”

Take a breath and offer up feelings of gratitude and energetic congratulations (even if it’s hard). You’ll feel better and create the space for your own success.

Comment below something you are going to celebrate from your list of accomplishments so I can celebrate with you!

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