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How To Plan A Month’s Worth Of Social Media Content In 2.5 Hours Per Week

Busy practitioners and coaches who are looking to grow their online presence often have difficulty prioritizing their social media strategy.  This is unfortunate because social media remains the best way to grow your reach and engage with your audience, leading to increased enrollment into your online program.

A great social media strategy will…

Save you money – because organic engagement and traffic is still free

Set you up as the top-of-mind expert regarding the problem you solve

Dramatically increase your reach and influence

Lead to increase sales and more lives being transformed

After speaking with thousands of practitioners and coaches who have launched – or are in the process of launching – their online programs, there are four main roadblocks that people mention when they admit they have no plan of action for their social media.

No time

No ideas for content

No structure 

No writing skills

The interesting thing about these roadblocks is that they are all interrelated…so when we fix the problem of no structure we also fix the problem of no ideas, no writing skills, and no time.

Let me explain…

Trying to come up with random posts from thin air without any structure to either the content, ideas, or strategy for posting the content is time consuming and takes a lot of mental energy…energy that most practitioners and coaches would rather put into something else.

This is why they “can’t even get started”. 

So the first step to planning out a month’s worth of content in 2.5 hours or less per week is to create Content Themes.  

Content themes are basically repeatable subject headings that you use every week to give your posts some initial direction.  The content themes that we use in our Social Media Made Easy Program are… 

  • About Me and Personal Insights
  • Root Cause and Education
  • Lifestyle and Fun
  • Program Showcase
  • Lead Magnet 
  • Bonus (seasonal etc)

This means that for each month we know that we need to come up with five posts along the theme of “about me and personal insights”; five that are “root cause and education” related and five of each of the other categories. This helps to narrow the focus of our content. We then choose a day of the week to host each theme…so every Monday we post “about me and personal insights” and do the same for each consecutive content theme.

Once you have your content themes you can then move to step number two, which is to add a common structure to all of your posts. This ensures consistency in communication and leads your clients to take action with you.

The structure we use in our Social Media Made Easy Program is my ASVC Relationship Building Formula: 

1. Attention-Grabbing Headline:

2. Story lead-in

3. Value-Based Share

4. Call to Action

Using this formula can allow you to quickly move on to step number three which is the actual writing of your graphics and post captions. The ASVC formula works to “prompt” your writing so that everything flows together.

Here is an example of how this ASVC formula works

Graphic Text: Don’t Do These THREE Things if You Want To [Solve The Problem] (eg. STOP Yo-Yo Dieting)

Attention Grabbing Headline: Learn From My Mistakes and Save Yourself Years of Setbacks! 

Story lead-in:  Have you ever heard the expression “Success Leaves Clues”? Well…you know what else leaves clues? Failure. Yep. I would *almost* argue that failure leaves more clues than success…so guess what? I have a big old pile of clues that I can share with you based on my failures! 

Value-Based Share: I struggled for YEARS with [problem/symptom] (eg: yoyo dieting/dysfunctional relationships) I knew what outcome I wanted…but had no idea how to get there. I tried doing   [this and this and this] (eg. cardio, meditation, and therapy)…but nothing seemed to work… If you are like me and have tried so many things without success…don’t fret…because thankfully, after years of doing all the wrong things, I finally found a solution for people like you and me that actually works… 

Call to Action: Want to know what that is?

Note: Not ALL your posts will have all of the elements of the ASVC formula. Some shorter posts like memes or engagement questions may only have one or two lines that just support the text and images in your graphics.

If you are still struggling to come up with ideas for your posts, here are some areas where you can source your content

✓Your life and everyday stories – there is a lesson or example in everything that happens in your day. From spilling your coffee to the “baby shark” song running through your head on repeat, or celebrating your great-aunt’s ninetieth birthday–you can find relatable inspiration everywhere.

✓Your interaction with your clients and questions they are asking or struggles they are having. They know better than anyone else what your audience wants to know. So use them and their experiences to help get the ideas flowing.

✓ Look for trending topics or articles that your ideal client would be interested in. Don’t make them all about “the problem”. For engagement posts, you can use other points of interest like TV shows, news about celebrities, or the latest tik tok trend. Also, consider adding seasonal themes and special days. Just make sure everything you post is relevant to your ideal client. 

The final step for setting up your social media is to use a scheduler like what we provide in Flowi to pre-schedule all your posts.  The beauty of having these content themes and structure is you can repurpose ONE post across several platforms. You can schedule the same post on your Instagram, Facebook Groups, Facebook Business Page, and even your personal page where appropriate (remove any links or blatant selling).  You can even convert some of your caption texts into emails to send to your list or use the ideas to create TikTok videos.   

Using these four steps to pull together your social media will drastically reduce the time you spend curating and writing content. It will also help you reach your ultimate goal of having your audience know, like, and trust you to the point that they are willing to take action and invest with you.

After implementing this strategy in my own business I am now to the point where I spend less than 2.5 hours per week to create a full month of content. It took a bit of trial and error and there is a learning curve to some of the platforms, but once you get the processes down, the time you need to manage your social media is significantly shortened using this four-step process. 

Until you get good at this process and are able to shorten your time to 2.5 hours per week, I would highly suggest you enroll in a program like my Social Media Made Easy Program 

SMME includes templates for graphics and captions that do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to the first three steps of your social media process. We provide you with engaging content with detailed fill-in-the-blank writing templates and beautiful corresponding graphics in a variety of mood boards, using the content themes and the ASVC formula mentioned above. There is always monthly bonus content included like content for reels and stories or BONUS posts for special themed days. Everything included will help you uncover more ideas for how to engage with your audience AND teach you how to say the same thing over and over again but in different ways.

Social Media Made Easy is like giving you training wheels until you have mastered both the art and strategy of promoting your own personal brand and have shortened the time it takes for you to write all your own content and create your own graphics…(or until you are able to pay thousands of dollars per month to have a marketing team do it for you!)  Either way…it’s a Win-Win as you produce professional, effective, and engaging posts that your audience will love.  

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