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Every Woman In Business Should Know She’s Newsworthy
Every Woman In Business Should Know She’s Newsworthy

Are you looking for marketing tactics to gain exposure for your brand and business?  I’ll be joining the media success coach and my friend, Jessica, to discuss PR media. 

If you are someone who has been struggling to connect your story, and your expertise clearly and authentically to the world then you will love this episode. We will unveil how to leverage media exposure, connect your thought leadership to the news cycle, and how your unique perspective will help you build your credibility.


(06:06) – Leveraging media exposure 

(10:51) –  Using media helps you build credibility

(29:23) – How to start PR strategy for your business


Jennifer Singh is a former TV reporter turned entrepreneur, speaker and CEO of She’s Newsworthy Media. The company is focused on amplifying the voices of women entrepreneurs in Canadian and US media. Before entrepreneurship, Jennifer worked in the Canadian media industry for over 15 years as a reporter, producer and writer.

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Visit Jennifer’s Website: https://www.shesnewsworthy.com

Reach out to Jennifer on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shesnewsworthy/

Media Success Coaching is Canada’s go-to program for women entrepreneurs looking to get massive exposure for their businesses on TV. Simplify the PR process with a signature system of individual and group coaching that gets results.

She’s Newsworthy Media Coaching Certification helps you go from a newsroom to running a thriving public relations business, on your terms.

Book a discovery call to discuss either – https://www.shesnewsworthy.com/contact


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