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How To Create A Free Offer In 1 Hour Or Less

Growing your email list is the fastest way to get more clients, earn more money, and help more people. Your email list is like your Rolodex, filled with the names of potential clients and networking partners.

It’s been said that the money or the key to getting more clients is the size of your email list. I believe that is only partly true. You can have a big email list of people who are not your ideal clients and don’t really feel connected to you in any way.

As you are growing your list, remember that every email is a real person and deserves your undivided attention. That means writing emails like you are just talking to one person. While I’m not going to go into tips on how to craft compelling and enjoyable emails, I wanted to throw out that reminder. Building a relationship with your list is of the utmost importance.

Yet before you can build a relationship with your list, you have to have actual emails on your list to mail out to. So let’s walk through how to create a sought-after IFO (initial free offer) in under 60 minutes.

Before I reveal the step-by-step actions to quickly create an IFO, I have 2 questions that I want you to think about first.

  1. What information can you share with your email list that would provide them with quick and simple results based on their #1 problem (pain point)? This could be breakfast recipes that can be made in 5 minutes or less or relaxation techniques that can be done anywhere, anytime. Think about the problem you are trying to solve for them.
  2. What amazing, valuable information can you give away for free that leads into your paid program?

Make sure that your IFO is congruent with your service offerings. If you offer a yoga program then your IFO should be a taste of what your paid program involves.

How To Create An Irresistible Free Offer In 60 Minutes Or Less

  1. Pick a topic that is relevant and sought after by your ideal client. Use the two questions above to help you nail down the topic and type of content you will be giving away.
  2. Create the title or headline of the IFO. Be specific and clear. There is no reason to be cute or creative with the title as that can often be confusing. Tie in a benefit or a time frame within the title.

Here are two examples:

7 Unconventional Yoga Postures To Increase Flexibility

10 Green Smoothie Recipes That Crush Sugar Cravings


Yoga Postures For Flexibility

Green Smoothies Recipes

  1. Source all created content. Collecting already created content is the meat of your IFO and the simplest way to put together an IFO quickly. There is no reason why you can’t find the exact content you are looking for without having to create it yourself.

We all have so much content already…

If using other people’s recipes, articles, tips, or how-to’s, then just reference them. It’s perfectly okay to say that you’ve compiled your favorite recipes or tips into one amazing document.

No need to re-create the wheel… just give credit where credit is due. By creating your IFO with all of these compiled sources you are putting your own spin on it.

4. Organize and make pretty

Now that you have the content ready to go it’s time to lay out your IFO with some nice-looking design features. Use the layout below for your IFO.

Title page – image and your contact info
Introduction with CTA (call to action) – links back to your services
About – with a picture of you
Body of content – link relevant words back to other blogs or services
Next steps with CTA – where else can they find you and a one-time free offer

You can add some personal or stock photos within the body of the content to enhance it. Images work wonders to give the IFO more charm.

  1. Edit, host, and promote

Before you announce your IFO to your community, get someone to go over the content and edit it. Once that’s done convert it into a pdf. The pdf version becomes your published offering.

Next, you have to host the pdf with a platform like Amazon S3 or Dropbox. Grab the download link and place them within your immediate email follow-up and autoresponder sequence. Once this is complete you can proudly announce your IFO to the world.

Done and done.

These steps can easily be completed in under 60 minutes since you are not going to spend time creating original content. The point is to provide your prospects with juicy content they are willing to give up their email address for. Of course, the content will help them to get quick results and position you as the authority.

The best part is, while you are growing your email list and your business, you are helping people all around the world to improve their health and happiness.

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