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Having A Successful Online Business Without Using Ads

Written by Lori Kennedy

May 17, 2021

May 17, 2021

I want to share an interesting fact about our 10K clients. 

All of our 10K clients come into the program with different sized budgets for running ads. 

Some are spending minimal amounts, and others are able to push those limits higher. 

Regardless of how much money they are placing on ads, they are all using the same framework. 

The framework and the mindset that’s developed is built while setting up a signature program is the same for those who go through the program with a large ads budget, or for those going through and spending minimally. 

This program provides a deep understanding into how to effectively run an online business. Period.

These skills and the framework is what our clients are able to rely on when facing all of the unknowns that pop up throughout their business journey. 

We wanted to have this conversation on the L&L Morning show, and we were thrilled to have Tameka Means join in for this discussion.

Tameka Means was a 10K Success System Scholarship winner, and she has been working her ass off in the program. We are honored to be a part of her story in developing her signature program. 

Tameka was able to create her program, and use AD FREE methods to get clients and traction with her online business. 

More on Tameka Means:

Tameka Means, AKA The Prison Wife Coach helps empower prison wives and partners of the incarcerated. She has an online course to help the families live happy productive lives while their loved one is incarcerated.

You can connect with her on her Instagram or on Facebook!

Listen to Episode 226 below:

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