Episode 202 | Turning Inspiration and Passion into Business
Going from the corporate life to running a 7 figure fashion brand - Join Lori as she chats with CEO founder, Kristi Soomer, about how they turned inspiration and passion into a multi figure business.

Written by Lori Kennedy

January 11, 2021

Jan 11, 2021

Turning passion and inspiration into a thriving business. This is a stance that all entrepreneurs strive to achieve. And a topic that I could talk about ALL. DAY. 

Kristi Soomer, CEO of Encircled, joins us and shares with us, her story and how she was able to build her dream business, in a field she would have never guessed to be in – fashion. 

I invited Kristi to the show, for many reasons, but one main reason is because Kristi is the CEO of a thriving sustainable fashion brand. Although we have both created our businesses in different fields, we have both experienced similar roadblocks, pivotal moments, and have both persevered to create the multi-figured businesses that you see today.

Kristi is so down to earth, and she shares with us so many great lessons; from not having the support systems in place when she initially started her business, to struggling with letting go of her senior-level corporate job to going all-in with Encircled. We discuss the challenges that are faced when starting a company; from gathering resources, learning from mistakes and building the grit that contributes to the Entrepreneurial spirit. 

After my conversation with Kristi, I just knew that we had to add Encircled into our 10-year celebration giveaway that we are hosting over on my Instagram. We are giving away a $100 dollar gift card to Encircled, for anyone that is reading these notes TODAY! January 11th! Head over and follow my Instagram.  like the post, and tag TWO friends to be entered into the draw!

More About Kristi:

Kristi Soomer started Encircled with the dream of helping women travel lighter. Frustrated with the lack of versatile clothing that blended style with function, she started designing it. She believed strongly after years of working in the retail industry that she wanted Encircled to be ethically-made, sustainable and sweatshop-free. Kristi is a self-taught fashion designer, she loves taking basic silhouettes and challenging them to do more. Today, Kristi is the CEO of Encircled, and leads the team at the Toronto HQ (plus the office dog, Harlow!).

As an added bonus for the listeners of the Business of Becoming, Kristi has provided free shipping and returns for the next 30 days! Head over to Encircled, and enter the promo code LORIKENNEDY . This deal is valid until February 10th, be sure to get your orders in to try the products risk free!

Connect with Kristi on her website. Or reach out to her on her personal IG or business IG

Listen to Episode 202 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Creating A Certified B Corporation
  • Creating A Company From In An Industry Outside Of Your Education 
  • Creating A Luxe Leisure Brand
  • Transitioning From A Corporate Job To Entrepreneurship
  • Women In Business
  • Creating A Company Without Support 
  • Clothing Versatility 
  • The Importance Of Passion In Business
  • Going From A Side Hustle To Career 
  • Figuring Out Logistics For Manufacturing 
  • Learning By Doing 
  • Investing In Yourself 
  • The Dressy Sweat Pant 
  • Encircled 
  • Danielle Laporte

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