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Using the Power of Your Voice to Empower Yourself...Out Loud.
Using the Power of Your Voice to Empower Yourself...Out Loud.

This explosive podcast is all about confronting some uncomfortable truths about ourselves and how we speak to ourselves and others. We’ve got some tangible strategies to help you become more self-aware and stand up for yourself. We’ll explore some alternative journaling methods and talk about the cycle of self-loathing that we often find ourselves in.

We’re fortunate to have Vasavi Kumar as our special guest, who is releasing a new book called “Say it out Loud.” Her book emphasizes the importance of being mindful and intentional with our language and the energy we bring into a room.


(08:47) – Understanding and Confronting Self-Abandonment

(10:21) – The Cycle of Self-Loathing

(13:24) – An Alternative Guide to Journaling

(27:33) – Embracing Self-Awareness and Standing for Something

(28:52) – Speaking to Yourself in Three Different Ways

(36:50) – Techniques to Show Up as Your Best Self


Vasavi Kumar is known as the “Queen of Saying It Out Loud.” Growing up as a first-generation Indian immigrant on Long Island, NY, Vasavi had to work hard to find her own voice and unleash her creativity. But now, she’s on a mission to help others do the same, all while being unapologetically vocal about it! 

If you’re looking for some daily inspiration and motivation to help you live your best life then you won’t want to miss out on following Vasavi Kumar on Instagram! Her handle is @mynameisvasavi and her page is full of uplifting quotes, powerful affirmations, and real-life insights that will help you tap into your inner strength and unleash your full potential. Click on over to @mynameisvasavi and give her a follow today!

Ready to unlock the power of your voice and start speaking your truth? Vasavi Kumar’s new book, Say It Out Loud, is now available for pre-order! And the best part? When you order today, you’ll receive not one, but TWO amazing bonuses – a membership to the Say It Out Loud Virtual Book Club AND a Guided Audio Training to help you practice speaking up with confidence. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to find your voice and make it heard. Head over to sayitoutloudbook.com to pre-order your copy today!

We are proudly donating $25 to the International Bipolar Foundation on Vasavi’s behalf. If you would like to know more about this cause and want to support the organization, please visit:  https://ibpf.org/get-involved/donate


Vasavi’s book, Say It Out Loud, is available for pre-order and comes with two bonuses: Say It Out Loud Virtual Book Club membership and Guided Audio Training to practice speaking your truth – http://sayitoutloudbook.com 

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