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Episode 001 - How to become an empowered practitioner
How To Become An Empowered Practitioner

How To Become An Empowered Practitioner

Welcome to the very first episode of The Empowered Practitioner podcast!

This podcast is really my way of paying it forward. I’m creating the very thing that I wish I had when I was just starting out. This is where I’m going to share the most intimate, the most private, and the most strategic elements of really how I got where I am and how the practitioners and coaches that you see online got to where they are.

In this episode, you’ll learn the three empowerment areas that will help you cultivate your own empowerment standards – TRAITS, SKILLS, and BELIEFS.

My goal is to help you become more empowered, more resilient, and bulletproof your self-worth. I want to help you create standards for yourself that you stick to no matter what so that you can close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

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Here are some key points in this episode:

[07:22] – The three areas of empowerment

[11:45] – A turning point in my life

[14:47] – The traits, skills, and beliefs that helped me succeed

[21:35] – What’s possible for you when you make the shift

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