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Script to Overcome A Common Client Objection

One of the most common comments I get from health practitioners is that they don’t like selling or they can’t seem to sell their services except at a ridiculously low value.

What do you say when a potential client says, “I can’t afford it right now?”

Maybe you feel like you will never be able to make a quality, consistent living because you are getting too many no’s during your sales consults.

The reality is you are in the business of selling intangible outcomes that most clients don’t really believe are possible for them so learning how to hold transformational conversion consultations that end in the client making a decision and saying YES should be a priority for you.

I’m going to go through the real reason clients say NO and give you 1 question you can ask to turn the NO into either a maybe or a yes.

Here’s the hard part for you… in order for this to work you have to practice over and over again.

And you must aggressively and passionately believe in your own ability to help your clients transform their lives.

Do you realize that clients aren’t really investing in your 7 steps, your 21-day, or your 6-week program; they are investing in YOU. So show up as the leader in transformation that you are and radiate compassion, empathy, and excitement.

Let’s start this objection party off by understanding why people are saying no to you. I’ve listed the top 5 common objections I used to hear in my private nutrition practice. Today we are going to cover # 1.

Do any of these objections sound familiar to you?

  1. I can’t afford it or I don’t have the money right now
  2. This isn’t a good time or it’s too time consuming
  3. Can I talk to my spouse about it first
  4. I’d like to try it on my own for a while first
  5. It feels too hard or I’m not sure I can commit to it

How does your energy change when you hear any one of these objections? When I used to hear any of the above objections I used to clam up, close up and give up, not realizing the potential client could feel my hurt and defensiveness.

Before I give you the one question you can use to get more comfortable during your own transformational conversion consultations you need to understand what’s really going on inside the mind of your potential client.

The person sitting across the table from you is scared shitless.

They know they need to change and that knowing has motivated them to contact you. Rationally they want to change, to feel better, to get better… achieve whatever goal they desire BUT committing to do the work, committing to themselves is scary.

The potential client is feeling fear and the no objection you are hearing is their way of saying… I’m scared to commit. Whatever objection they give you feels very real to them but trust that it’s just the fear talking.

This gives you a powerful opportunity to really build trust and empathy with your potential client. When you are prepared with the right questions and phrasing you can coach your clients through the self-doubt they are feeling.

When this happens you will get a lot more YESes and be able to increase your income without having to drop your prices all the time.

In Zero to Clients, I teach our students how to communicate the VALUE of the program you are offering before you explain the service delivery.

What I mean is you have to explain the ONE THING or BIG OUTCOME the client will achieve before you tell them how many weekly sessions and handouts they are going to get.

Potential clients need to feel the value of what you are offering because it’s the emotional connection and desire to have the outcome that will get them to say YES.

Objection: I can’t afford it

If you are hearing “I can’t afford it” all of the time then you are not clearly communicating the value of your program. Before I give you a powerful question to ask potential clients that will get them to enroll themselves I want you to do some work first.

Make a list of the 10 outcomes the client will receive from doing your program. Use the client’s own words… not yours.

For example: After you lose the weight you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror with love and confidence. You will feel empowered because you took back control over your health and appearance. That’s important and I want you to feel proud of yourself.

If you can’t make a list of the 10 emotionally driven outcome benefits clients will feel by doing your program then you will continue to hear NO again and again.

Ready for the powerful question that will have clients enrolling themselves?

The reason this question is so powerful is that you want the potential client to be able to communicate the value they will get out of working with you instead of you having to tell them.

After you’ve done your assessment and gone through both the benefits and features of your program but before you go into full-on sales mode, stop and ask this question…

“What do you feel are the benefits of working with me?”

In other words,

“Based on what we’ve talked about, what do you feel you will gain from working with me?”

By asking this question you are basically asking them to enroll themselves. You’ve already set up the sale by communicating the benefits and the features so now it’s up to the client to connect the dots.

Now if the client can’t communicate back the benefits of working with you or if they just aren’t sure the program is right for them then you know that you need to work on clearly connecting the potential client’s pain to the solution of your program.

Pain point. Solution. Pain point. Solution. Over and over again.

The solution is the benefit or the BIG PROMISED outcome.

Before your next transformational conversion consultation, make a list of the 10 benefits or outcomes your clients will receive by going through your program. Then practice communicating them and linking the prospect’s pain to the outcomes.

Then ask the powerful question I shared with you.

After you ask the question, stop talking. Do not say another word.

Sit in uncomfortable silence until the prospect answers.

Give this a try… leave a comment below and let me know how it goes for you the next time you have a transformational conversion consultation.

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