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From Hobby To Multi 6-Figure Business
From Hobby To Multi 6-Figure Business

In this episode, Tia and I will discuss how she has successfully built a 6-figure business while juggling motherhood and entrepreneurship; and how she turned her passion into a profitable venture.

We will explore the power of focus, setting boundaries, and how doing one thing is more beneficial than switching priorities. We will offer practical tips on how to overcome the common challenges faced by new entrepreneurs with zero knowledge of how to start an online business.


(06:51) – The “Only One Syndrome”

(09:39) – The Power of Focus

(12:57) – How to Stay Focused

(15:42) – Follow One Course Until Successful (The F.O.C.U.S Strategy)

(16:37) – Pricing It Right

(18:34) – Doing One Thing At a Time

(21:29) – Trial and Error

(26:42) – A Day in the Life of a MomPreneur


Tia is a business owner, best-selling author, teacher and mom. She’s the founder of Tia Slightham Parenting Solutions and The Parenting With Purpose Method.

Tia has worked with kids and families for over 19 years and is passionate about teaching parents the skills to parent in a positive and effective way without yelling, anger or punishment.

Donation: Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto – https://www.sickkids.ca/en/support-sickkids/donate

CTA: Grab your free parenting guide at www.connectwithtia.com and register for the “Break the Yelling Cycle” Workshop at www.tiaslightham.click/yellingworkshop

Website URL: https://tiaslightham.com/

Email: tia@tiaslightham.com

Social Media Links: 

IG – https://www.instagram.com/tiaparentingcoach/


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