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The Vivid Vision Exercise That Helped Me Make Millions
The Vivid Vision Exercise That Helped Me Make Millions

The Vivid Vision Exercise That Helped Me Make Millions

In this episode I get really vulnerable as I let you in on my BIG vision and the things that I desire most out of life, as I walk you through the process to create your own Vivid Vision.

This is such a powerful process that I really relied on during the tough times to keep me moving towards my goal and I believe it made all the difference in helping me create this incredible life.

If you want to create the life of your dreams you need a Vivid Vision. Here’s how to build yours…

Here are some key points in this episode:

[04:35] – How “visioning” allowed me to break through the expected and into what is POSSIBLE.

[08:38] – Introduction to the Vivid Vision process

[16:02] – Using your vision to help you make the right decisions for you

[19:12] – Including your core values

[22:33] – A 3 year or 10 year plan and the questions to ask yourself

[27:16] – Sharing my own vision

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