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Turning Inspiration and Passion into Business
Turning Inspiration and Passion into Business

Turning Inspiration and Passion into Business

On today’s episode, I am joined by the incredible Kristi Soomer, founder and CEO of Encircled, a Canadian-made line of versatile, sustainably made clothing that helps women streamline their wardrobes.

One of my favorite parts of this conversation was when Kristi and I were talking about how she handled her family not being on board with quitting her six-figure corporate job and going all in on Encircled.

Here are some key points in this episode:

[02:44] – Introducing Kristi Soomer

[03:31] – What inspired you to launch Encircled

[05:59] – Handling business creation & leaving corporate

[11:32] – Judgment from friends and family

[18:30] – Figuring out manufacturing

[22:02] – FIguring it out on your own creates resiliancy

[29:29] – Releasing control of the day-to-day to become the visionary

Links Mentioned In This Episode: 

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More About The Guest:

  • Kristi is the Founder/CEO of Encircled Inc., an ethical-fashion brand on a mission to change the way women travel and live. Encircled creates modern, versatile essentials for women from earth-friendly materials that are beautifully soft, high quality and good for the planet. Encircled embraces the notion of transparency in its entire business, in an industry notorious for secrecy. We’re proudly 100% sweatshop-free and make all of our clothing locally in Toronto, Canada using fairly paid labour.
  • Links:https://www.encircled.ca/


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