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Permission To Rise
Permission To Rise

Permission To Rise

I loved this conversation that I had with Andrea Tessier today because I believe it is something a lot of women need to hear. For too many years Andrea allowed outside forces to dictate her life path and career until her body and mind finally said, “no more”.  Now she lives out her true calling, empowering other women to make choices that nurture their whole selves while living a life of freedom and service. 

Here are some key points in this episode:

[02:08] – Introducing Andrea – Safe to Rise

[03:50] – Quitting my day job

[08:37] – Making choices from a place of fear?

[11:25] – It’s never all or nothing

[17:35] – Celebrate and be your own advocate

[25:33] – Strategies to break the fear cycle.

[29:17] – Processes to ditch the old program

[38:31] – The experiences we have imprinted on us

Links Mentioned In This Episode: 

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More About The Guest:

  • Andrea Tessier is a Certified Master Life Coach who is committed to supporting women to access more authenticity, self-expression, and freedom in their lives.
  • I’ve grown a business that supports women all over the world who also want to live a life of freedom and service. I teach them how to have the internal freedom and fulfillment that drives a passion-fueled life – by their own design, not by default. And at the same time, I remain really devoted to my personal growth, my relationships, my Spirit, and my dog Morty.
  • Links: https://www.instagram.com/tessier.andrea/ 


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