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Running A 6 Figure Business As A Life Coach
Running A 6 Figure Business As A Life Coach

Running A 6 Figure Business As A Life Coach

Today I sat down with Loukia Mastrodimos who was a struggling life coach until she went through the 10K Success System. Her story is all too common. She was on the verge of bankruptcy with a failed business. Her money mindset was heavily influenced by her upbringing and she had a hard time stepping into what was possible for her.  

Join me as we talk about her business and personal transformation and how her own transformation is now helping other women go after the life of their dreams.

Here are some key points in this episode:

[03:00] – Introducing Loukia Mastrodimos

[06:55] – Her decision to enroll in the 10K Success System

[09:58] – Big news! 

[13:05] – Money mindset and becoming who you know you are.

[16:00] – No website

[18:05] – Building community

[21:38] – Payment plans

[22:50] – Resistance and just doing it.

[25:15] – Standards you hold yourself to.


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