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Increase Productivity With This Simple Planning Strategy
Increase Productivity With This Simple Planning Strategy

Increase Productivity With This Simple Planning Strategy

In this episode I sit down with Demir Bentley to talk about the common pitfalls of too many things on the to do list. Demir provides very practical tips on how to better manage your time and a really fun way to follow through to consistently plan your week ahead. 

Demir has a brand new book out called: Winning The Week.

Here are some key points in this episode:

[03:30] – Productivity vs. work flow

[08:40] – Fit 8 hours of work into a better workflow

[11:05] – Design your ideal week

[17:38] – winningtheweek.com

[19:22] – Overcoming the belly flop

[27:50] – Get your weekend back

[34:02] – Turn over the apple cart

Links Mentioned In This Episode: 

Access Demir’s free masterclass: winningtheweek.com

Order his book here:  http://lifehackmethod.com/

More About The Guest:

Demir Bentley is a productivity expert and co-founder of Lifehack Method. He teaches hard-hitting efficiency techniques and proven accountability strategies that have helped clients generate millions in revenue while saving thousands of hours.

In the past eight years, he’s helped more than 50,000 professionals, including executives from Facebook, Google, Uber and PepsiCo, to prevent burnout and create more freedom in their lives.

Book: https://lifehackmethod.com/winningtheweek/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/demirandcarey/

Donation: https://ourrescue.org/


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