Episode 252: Instagram Strategies You Should Know
Moving From A One On One Practice To A One To Many
Instagram Strategies You Should Know

Written by Lori Kennedy

November 26, 2021

Are you leveraging your social media? Are you using your social media in a way to get clients? Or is it on the back burner just being a burden?  Well today’s guest is here to get you unstuck with social media and get you back on track to utilizing social media with intention. 

She is one of the few people I follow for Instagram advice because she’s more of a strategist and gives really solid recommendations.

About Amber Romaro 


Today’s guest, Amber Romero,  is the owner of A Creative Co., a boutique social media and content creation agency, that serves womxn business owners in the creative industry. As a Content Strategist, she has helped hundreds of small business owners through her 1:1 services, her membership, and as a TikTok and Instagram expert.  

With over 10 years of experience as a “side-hustler” turned freelancer turned full-time entrepreneur, she has spent her time learning the ins and outs of the digital marketing space working for Fortune 500 companies, local small businesses, and now running a successful agency of her own! 

Follow Amber on Instagram HERE.

Listen to Episode 252 below:

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