Episode 232 – Stepping Outside Of The Traditional Practice Box
Following The Non-Traditional Path To Success

Written by Lori Kennedy

June 7, 2021

Jun 7, 2021

 Listen to your instincts. 

Why is trusting ourselves so hard to do? We all have wired mindsets that dismiss our natural instincts to try and protect us, and yet these mindsets are what is hindering our success. 

When you want something – go for it. 

We here people say things like :

  • I could never be successful online
  • I cannot make money following my passions
  • My training only taught me one direction, and I cant deviate from the path
  • I don’t want to leave the safety of my day to day corporate job

Guess what: The most successful people out there didn’t start on their path knowing where they would end up. Their paths were not streamlined to becoming CEOs. 

… and my path was definitely not streamlined. 

I did not become a Nutritionist thinking that I would ever become the CEO of a 8 figure company, supporting entrepreneurs creating their online businesses. 

I put trust in myself and took my future into my own hands, and now I get the honor of interviewing others that have done the same.

Dr M has such an inspirational story, where she took the non-traditional route to land herself as the founder of Bowen College. 

Dr M started on her path with training as a ND. She quickly found that her passion was listening to her patients and helping them with the connection that they have with their own bodies. 

Her training started her path in the health and wellness industry, and following her passions led her to the success she has found now. 

More on Dr Manon Bolliger :

As a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and CEO of Bowen College where she has trained over 2500 healthcare practitioners in her methodology. Dr. M (Manon Bolliger), helps people take ownership of their choices in health. The best-selling author of “What Patients Don’t Say if Doctors Don’t Ask”, she helps people release chronic physical and emotional pain by helping them focus on their “health-nosis” and not their diagnosis.

She has spoken on international stages like JTFoxx’s Money, Health, and Business, TEDx TenayaPaseo in Las Vegas, is the host of The Healer’s Cafe podcast and has appeared on ABC, CTV and NBC. 

While overcoming stage 4 CA without pharmaceutical or a hysterectomy, she discovered that we are accustomed to thinking that conflict resolution is mediated externally. But when it comes to health, it is an internal process. She has pioneered the ‘A Healer in Every Household’ Movement embracing the body’s capacity to heal and the choice to govern our lives. Her new book “A Healer in Every Household: Simple Solutions for Stress” has just launched in October 2020.

You can connect with Dr. Manon Bolliger on her Instagram or Website!

Listen to Episode 232 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Working With The Body
  • Alternative Health
  • Informed Decisions
  • Being A Collaborative Leader
  • Self Belief 
  • Self Healing 
  • Playing Small

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