Episode 229 | Insider Scoop: Making Your Education Work For You
Understanding Your Options After Education To Live Your Best Life

Written by Lori Kennedy

May 27, 2021

May 27, 2021

This experience is a universal experience for those in the Health and Wellness field. 

I experienced it through my education as a Nutritionist. 

My clients have experienced it throughout their various educations as a ND, MD, NP… you name it. 

In the education provided for Health and Wellness Practitioners, we are taught how to provide the care for our clients once we already established the client. 

We are not taught how to get the clients in the first place. 

Furthermore, we are typically taught two different brick and mortar pathways to success:

First one: You get your education, you start up a practice, and you are successful. 

Second one: You get your education, you go and work for another practice, and you are successful. 

Neither of those options give you a glimpse of what you could actually do with your education. Nor are they close to the truth. If you’ve tried to open a practice without understanding how to get clients… You know what I’m talking about. 

You do not need to follow the path that’s drilled in through education… You can find time freedom and financial freedom while impacting hundreds of lives through your online practice.

You just need to know how. 

Dr. Kelsey Duncan joins us on this episode to tell her story of how she was able to apply her education online, and build the company of her dreams. 

More on Dr. Kelsey Duncan :

Founder of the Fertility Confidence Method that helps couples grow and expand their family.

You can connect with her on her website, or Instagram!

Listen to Episode 229 below:

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