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Knowing WHEN To Move Online

Written by Lori Kennedy

May 10, 2021

May 10, 2021

So you are a new graduate in the Health and Wellness field… where do you start?

Do you rent a booth at a trade show to advertise your new business? 

Do you go door to door with flyers? Or leave business cards and advertisements in local shops? How do you intend to make a buzz about your practice and attract the right clients?

Dr. Stacey Goldman did all of the above, and more. 

After graduation, Dr. Stacey Goldman, ND, tried all methods of attracting clients that she was told about in her schooling, and it was draining. 

But she got the clients.

So happy ending right? Well… not exactly. 

Because Stacey was advertising to all and accepting everyone who walked in the door, she quickly became overwhelmed and burnt out. She didn’t have a niche, and she was stretching herself thin to cover all the issues that her clients were wanting addressed. 

That’s when she decided to move her practice online, and join the 10K Success System.

Listen to this episode for Dr. Stacey Goldman’s amazing journey with creating the Metabolism Master Code. 

More on Dr. Stacey Goldman:

Founder of The Metabolism Master Code – A program to help women master their metabolism so they can lose weight with ease and have the energy they desire and feel confident in their bodies.

You can connect with her on her website, or Facebook!

Listen to Episode 224 below:

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