Episode 216 | Are You More Afraid Of Failure, Or Success?
Tallia Dejou joins me to dissect the subconscious mental blocks that we have around fear of failure, so we can start peeling off our layers of learned fear, in order to step into our own power.

Written by Lori Kennedy

April 12, 2021

Apr 12, 2021

Are you more afraid of failure, or success?

What a loaded question.

It’s easy to believe that our minds are wired to want success. But in all actuality, the way that our minds are wired can be a leading factor that’s holding us back. 

In our lives, “the longer we have sat with thoughts of doubt, the more room we gave for doubt to feel familiar. So anything and everything else starts to feel threatening. The idea of being happy and successful starts to feel threatening because we’re not used to it” – (Tallia)

So how can you break free of these thoughts of doubt and fear? 

How can you work on rewiring your thought process to allow your patterns and habits to form around healthy thoughts?

In this episode, Tallia Dejou joins me to dissect the subconscious mental blocks that we have around fear of failure, so we can start peeling off our layers of learned fear, in order to step into our own power. 


More About Tallia Deljou:

Tallia Deljou is a positive psychology expert and life coach teaching people how to break through their own bullshit so they can find themselves and free their purpose. Here to help people wake up to the dreams written on their heart, she is committed to giving people the tools to self-coach and self-heal so they can lead more honest lives. She hosts the #7daysofdiscomfort challenge on Instagram to help people break through their biggest obstacles and shares insights on her Forbes’ featured podcast, Sincerely Me. Whether through one-on-one coaching, group programs, or her personal development book club, she believes that we experience true meaning and purpose in connection with each other.

You can connect with Tallia on her Instagram: Tallia Deljou

Listen to Episode 216 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Four strategies to overcome fear 
  • Why our brains are wired for negativity bias
  • Mindset tricks to overcome fear
  • Awareness with mental blocks
  • Language and thoughts 
  • Creating healthy habits
  • The importance of serving your clients from a positive mindframe

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