Episode 214 | Leading With Confidence – Dr. Jillian Murphy, ND
How Confidence Impacts Business

Written by Lori Kennedy

April 5, 2021

Apr 5, 2021

This episode is one that I have been wanting to have for a while.

We see our clients struggling with getting in front of their cameras to record their content, or to go live and “show up” in their groups.

When we ask “What is actually holding you back?”, it always boils down to lack of confidence, and unrealistic milestones that they are trying to achieve before putting themselves out there. 

“I need to lose X amount of weight before I get on camera”

“I don’t need to show myself, I will just use audio”

“I don’t look like a (insert health/wellness profession), so clients would not take me seriously”

All of these mental blocks are SO common, and yet they hold so many people back.

Dr Jillian Murphy, owner of the Food Freedom Body Love Method, joins me to break down why individuals, women in particular, struggle with confidence around their body image, and how that leads to a breakdown in confidence in their work. 

More About Dr Jillian Murphy:

Jillian Murphy works to help diverse, smart, health-conscious, people (who are DONE WITH DIETING), get out of their heads and reconnect with their bodies. She uses up-to-date eating psychology, clinical insight & guidance around diet culture, health, and weight to teach individuals WHY they stay stuck in negative patterns with food and feel constant body dissatisfaction and HOW they can make the shift to food peace and body joy.

Jillian also works with parents whose CHILDREN are struggling to eat properly, whether it’s because they are exceptionally fussy or obsessed with food, via simple, practical, research-validated advice. Her work is perfect for parents who want to raise children who are a JOY to feed, who grow well, and have a great relationship with their bodies.

Jillian’s background includes 10 years of general naturopathic practice along with over 15 years of working with children in various fields, including intuitive eating and body image. She has additional training in CBT and coaching.

Here is a link to her complimentary EBook – Find Food Freedom

You can also DM her on her Instagram: (@foodfreedombodylove) 

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Listen to Episode 214 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • The Body Positivity Movement 
  • The Pursuit Of Health
  • Redefining Health
  • The Impact Of Weight In Business 
  • Faulty Fundamental Beliefs Around Weight
  • Self Acceptance Work 
  • Being Authentic

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