Episode 212 | 5 Habits To Fast Track Your Online Success
Let's go out with a bang… Here are my top 5 Habits To Fast Track Your Online Success

Written by Lori Kennedy

March 22, 2021

Mar 22, 2021

We made it. 

The final episode of season ONE of The Business of Becoming. 

Don’t worry – We are kicking off season two on April 1st, 2021 and we are featuring Women Who Lead – you won’t want to miss out!

But in this final wrap-up – I chose to go out with a bang. 

In this episode, I am summing up the 5 most important habits I’ve integrated into my life to help me fast track my success. 

Let me start by saying that I did not nor do I still have it all figured out. There are days where I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing and when I have those days, I fall back on my habits. 

You might not resonate with all 5 habits and that’s ok. My wish for you is that you make a commitment to establishing your own habits so that you can create structure in your day. 

I can’t remember where I heard this quote but it’s worth repeating here: Structure gives you freedom. So I want you to commit to me that you will take the habits that resonate with you and make them work for you. 

Habit # 1: Magic Time 

When I first decided to take my business online in 2012, I was stretched to max capacity. I had two kids under 4, my program was being run in 9 locations, I was single, and I was trying to move my practice online. 

I called my business coach, crying, explaining how maxed out I was.

He was not impressed. So wake up earlier. Make time. 

Earlier? How early? 

5am he said. 

Ok, I said. 5am it is. I’ve been waking up at 5am ever since. Even on weekends. I don’t even need to set an alarm anymore. 

Magic time doesn’t need to be at 5am but you do need to carve out at least 60-90 minutes daily, 7 days a week to have focused time to work on the most important aspects of your business that will drive the business forward. 

Not having time is one of the biggest challenges we all face. I eliminated that challenge by committing to my morning magic time. 

So my challenge to you is to find 60-90 minutes a day, maybe not all in one chunk if necessary to work on the tasks that will grow your business and then fiercely protect that time. 


Habit # 2: Create Content Daily 

When I first started online I had no idea what I was doing. 

When I started my online business I was overwhelmed by how much content I needed to create. I was building up a list which meant that I had to create emails to send to them plus I was in the middle of creating another signature program that I was going to launch in a few months.

There was a lot of content to create and there still is. 

What I realized is that if I am not showing up consistently, then my email subscribers wouldn’t show up consistently either. I wanted to be top of mind which meant that my emails had to appear in their inboxes multiple times a week with regularity. 

So I used my morning magic time to write. I would spend 60 minutes and still do writing content that would be used to build rapport and educate my audience. 

My morning magic time was used for creating content. 

At first it took me way longer than 60 minutes to write an email but the more I practiced the easier it got and the better I got at it. 

This habit of spending at least 60 minutes a day writing is powerful. I do it during my morning magic time but you can decide when you’re going to do it. The point is, if you want to grow your business, you need an audience who is engaged with you and the only way to make that happen is to consistently show up. 

Habit # 3 Plan Ahead 

I learned early in my business, and I learned the hard way that flying by the seat of my pants is a dangerous way to grow a business, especially when you start to bring on team members. 

Even if you are just scheduling a meeting with yourself, do it. 

Plan out your week, month, and quarter. 

When I started to plan ahead something magical happened. I became more organized and was able to create a project plan for each marketing campaign so that I could block off time in my calendar to create the elements needed to run a successful campaign. 

I planned ahead and I started to feel in control of the business instead of it controlling me. 

Before you spearhead a project, plan it out. When you have a plan in place, everything feels controllable.


Habit # 4: Avoid checking email and social media in the morning 

I stopped checking my email and social media first thing, most days, because a couple of years ago I woke up to a very angry email from a client.  I had a really important day ahead of me where I needed to focus, and that one email completely threw me. 

I am a highly sensitive person and it’s hard for me to just shake things off.

Here’s one thing I know for sure. You will get those emails. You will get people who send you nasty comments on social media. You will have clients who never participated hate on you because they didn’t get results and blame you. 

Getting those emails and comments comes with the territory but you don’t need to wake up to them and have them ruin your day. 

So I made a promise to myself that I would only check my email after my magic time was done. My first priority is to grow my business and I can’t do that if I’m feeling all insecure because someone said something negative to me. 

Instead of waking up and checking my email and social media I now have dedicated times throughout the day where I check. 

This way I know that I am in a good headspace to handle anything that comes my way. 


Habit # 5: Have accountability 

This isn’t really a habit as it is a necessity, but I’m adding it here because having accountability is so important. While I am super motivated, there are many things that I’ve had to do that feel hard because they were outside of my comfort zone. 

It’s really easy to push things off when you feel uncomfortable about when nobody else knows you need to do them. Maybe it’s your first Facebook live or promoting your program or asking for help or raising your prices. 

I had a client the other day tell me she was going to raise her prices and then two weeks later she still hadn’t done it. So I gave her some serious accountability. 

I’ve invested heavily into my own mentors and coaches because I know that I need that level of accountability. Growth is hard. And I need to be held accountable to my goals. 

So my challenge to you is to find a business coach or mentor, maybe it’s me, that will hold you accountable to your goals so that you don’t keep putting them off.

Listen to Episode 212 below:

What We Talk About In This Episode:

  • Magic time
  • Create content daily
  • Show up consistently with email and social media
  • Plan ahead
  • Social media campaigns
  • Monthly marketing plan
  • Avoid checking email and social media in the morning 
  • Having accountability 

Things We Mention In This Episode:

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