Did You Know There Are 4 Types Of Online Programs? Find Out Which One Is Right For You. TAKE THE QUIZ.
Q & A with Lori Kennedy
Q & A with Lori Kennedy

Q & A with Lori Kennedy

Today I am going live and answering all your questions about creating your Signature Program and building out your online business. 

Here are some key points in this episode:

[05:29] – Question #1 – What is the one thing you recommend to do to be successful at creating and launching your program?

[11:10] – Question # 2 – Where does your confidence come from? How do you build confidence?

[16:58] – Question # 3 – How do you organize and structure everything that needs to get done when you are also a busy parent and/or work full time?

[28:40] – Question # 4 – What is the success rate of the 10K Success System and the expected amount of money you can make per month?

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