Clients Canceling Before They Even Start? Fix it.

Written by Lori Kennedy

January 13, 2016

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Clients

Have you ever gotten a call like this one…

Hello Lori, I’ve thought about it and I’m not ready to start at this time. Can you please refund me? I’ll be in touch when I’m ready to get started.

Worst. Feeling. Ever.

If you’ve ever had a client cancel before they even start or within the first week keep reading so you can understand why and how to stop that from happening.

At first the new client is elated and really motivated to work with you but then there’s a window of buyers remorse. That’s usually followed by the cancellation.

Why do new clients go from being really excited and motivated to canceling?

There is usually some type of concern or challenge that didn’t get addressed during the transformation conversion conversation (AKA the sales consult).

It’s possible that the concern wasn’t thought of until after the new client had some time to digest the information or maybe they didn’t feel confident enough to bring it up during their time with you.

It can be uncomfortable to address concerns especially those around money. Sometimes you are so focused on the assessment portion of the consult that you forget to address questions or concerns all together.

3 ways to intentionally draw out questions, concerns or objections.

  1. Hold the space to talk about anything (including money).

If you are visibly uncomfortable discussing money objections the client will feel that and not voice their concerns. Be ready to talk about anything – – likely concerns will be very personal.

  1. Validate their concerns as 100% real.

It doesn’t matter if you buy into the concern or not. What matters is that you validate by listening and paraphrasing their concerns.

  1. Remain open and non-judgmental.

Clients won’t always subscribe to your health philosophies. Our job isn’t to impose our way of living on others, it’s to teach and support others to find their own way of living for themselves.

Before you finish the consultation and schedule the first appointment you want to triple check that you’ve created the opportunity for the client to voice their concerns, fears and challenges.

Ask this question, “Is there anything that would stop you from moving forward with (name of program)?”

Then stop talking. Do not talk until the client answers.

If you are ready to discuss anything, have validated their reality and communicated your transformational offering in a non-judgmental way the client should feel comfortable speaking up.

Remember this simple question the next time you are sitting with a new client.

It works like a charm!

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