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So you wanna know more about us?
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From The Ground Up… How We Got Here Continued.

I’m Lori Kennedy and I’m the founder of The Wellness Business Hub, formerly known as Lori Kennedy Inc., formerly known as Lori Kennedy RHN, formerly known as WOW! Weight Loss, formerly known as Positive Lifestyles Nutrition & Wellness Inc. 

Yes, your business might go through some iterations as you figure it all out and that’s ok! 

We’ve been The Wellness Business Hub for years now and have no plans to change it again. 

I’m also a single mom to my two kids and our Goldendoodle Tulip. I live in Canada and have been doing this online thing since 2011. 

On paper, I have no credentials that warrant me having an 8-figure global company with a team of about 30 amazing humans, but I do.

So how did I end up here? How did I persist even when I had every reason to quit? How did I go from completely clueless to having my dream business and life?

So how did I end up here? How did I persist even when I had every reason to quit? How did I go from completely clueless to having my dream business and life? 

Just a few short years ago, you would have found me in a windowless rented office with my Lori Kennedy RHN shingle hanging from the door. My office was all decked out with my glossy brochures and fancy business cards twiddling my thumbs waiting for anyone to knock on my door wanting to work with me. 

But no one did. 

My hobby-business was costing me and so I made the hard decision to terminate my rental agreement and return to the gym where I was previously a personal trainer.

The Universe had my back and I finally got my big break, until I almost got fired.

Have you ever had that moment when you get your first big break and believe, “oh my gosh, this is it, I’m going to make it” but then it quickly turns into your worst nightmare? Ya, that happened to me pretty quickly after I returned to the gym.

The nutritionist that was working there got fired and I was asked to take her place. Armed with all of my forms, my knowledge and my holier-than-thou attitude, I assumed her role.

The problem was that my model of running my practice didn’t meet the gym’s sales goals. “Lori, if you don’t meet the monthly goals, we’re going to need to replace you,” my manager told me in the privacy of her office.

Weight Watchers, Fat Loss Books & An Open Mind

The issue was that the model I was taught in school was broken. It didn’t allow for growth, nor did it enable me to get my clients the kind of results that both of us wanted.

That’s when I realized I had a choice…

I could continue failing, or I could step outside of the way things had always been done and create my own path. So that’s what I did. At the time, there weren’t dozens of online courses teaching you how to create a group program or dozens of gurus preaching their proven steps.

I was on my own to figure it out.

But there was Weight Watchers and diet books.

In hindsight, I probably should have known then that if I was willing to join Weight Watchers and spend hours upon hours on the floor of my local bookstore studying every health book I could find that I would turn that drive into a successful company.

Creating my signature program WOW! Weight Loss changed my life…

…Although I didn’t know it then, I was pioneering an entirely new way for me (and you) to work with clients and patients. It turns out that the creation of my first signature program transformed not only my career, but has also since helped thousands of other overwhelmed and frustrated practitioners and coaches transform their businesses too.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read
On A Facebook Ad

Even though there are plenty of gurus telling you that you can go from zero to 6-figures overnight, my first few years were rough.

I was battling massive amounts of imposter syndrome and self-doubt because I really didn’t know what I was doing. “Fake it until you make it” took on a whole other meaning for me as I mustered up the courage to coach women who were double my age in an area that I had no personal experience in (I worked with menopausal women).

I spent long hours tweaking my program, trying to work out the best way to teach dozens of women at the same time, who all had so many questions and so many demands, while at the same time figuring out how to be a wife and a new mom.

  • Client complaints.
  • Refund requests.
  • Little client results.

But then, after months of work (and many sleepless nights), something finally clicked. I felt a deep sense of responsibility to help you avoid the frustration I went through…

Those years of hosting free talks, enrolling hundreds of women into my signature program, systematizing my business and scaling it across Canada are not far behind me.

Even though I didn’t know it then, I was creating the framework that I’ve since taught to thousands of practitioners and coaches: The 5 +1 Non-Negotiable Pillars Of A Profitable Practice.

And after years of perfecting my own signature program and framework I decided it was time to pull back the curtain and share my secrets.

Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for being the go-to expert for practitioners and coaches who want to create a signature program so they can start and grow online.

Because I teach the step-by-step framework that won’t ever be found in a traditional classroom setting but one that affords you the opportunity to have the impact and income you desire.

I don’t just teach it.

We take it one step further…

We co-create your entire online business with you (complete with a signature program) so that you are never left alone to figure it out on your own.

Nowadays it’s not just me supporting you.

The entire Wellness Business Hub team also has your back. What we teach works because we only teach what we know and what we still do day in and day out.

Are you ready to turn your idea into a REAL, professional and legitimate online business?

If you’re ready to move beyond having a hobby-business and want access to the time-tested framework that will help you turn your idea and passion into a business you are proud of…

then let’s do this!

Choose your starting point
and let’s get to work.

The Wellness Business Hub works with practitioners and coaches from around the globe.
Whether you’re licensed and regulated or not, we can support your business goals.

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The cornerstone of your online business is your online ‘signature’ program. In this free course, you’ll get a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create, launch & fill your online program in a matter of weeks using The Ongoing Enrollment Method™.

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We are growing an incredible community in The Empowered Practitioner Facebook Group where you’ll get access to weekly live training, resources and loads of support.

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We value working smarter, not harder. Having a clear business plan to follow makes getting started or growing your online business much simpler. Apply for a free mentorship call with a member of our small business advisory team.